Monday, May 21, 2007

Tread Lightly and Carry a Big Bag of Batteries

A thought-provoking article in The Utne Reader - June 2007 (by Chris Dodge) “Tread Lightly and Carry a Big Bag of Batteries: Rethinking Technology in the Wilderness” discusses the delicate interplay between technology, safety, and the wilderness experience.

I’m quoted as saying:

“ It seems to me that many of the electronic gadgets may prove helpful occasionally, but provide only the illusion of continual security.
Electronics are not a substitute for common sense, wilderness savvy, basic knowledge about the human body, and using your brain in an unexpected situation.
Electronic devices cannot think or solve problems, and they are subject to many kinds of failure. Anything with batteries might run out. Any electronic device that is not 100 % waterproof could fail if it is soaked in a stream crossing, a flash flood, or a sudden downpour. They can be lost or dropped. Most communication devices have spotty coverage, at best, and can fail for a wide variety of reasons.”

The article also mentions that I do carry a Personal Locator Beacon these days.

The Utne Reader is a compilation of alternative perspectives concerning issues of current importance, and in my estimation, it is an excellent publication, representing some of the best of the alternative media. They are at:

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