Monday, April 30, 2007

Share your own survival story

My story, in brief:

In August of 2003, I was 140 miles into a 170 mile backpack trip through California's magnificent Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park, when the ground gave way beneath me, and I plummeted 60 feet onto solid rock. Amazingly, I survived the fall, but I had broken both legs and my hip in several places, including an open fracture of my right knee. I was utterly alone in a remote ravine, 25 miles from a trailhead, unable to walk, crawl or even stand up. Determined not to give up, I dragged myself along with my hands for four days and nights, until I was miraculously found, rescued and helicoptered to safety, just hours from death.

I know that many of you have also faced injury, or some other challenging wilderness situation. You are invited to write in here, and share your own story!

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